Ayhan K. Isaacs

Should You Outsource Your Sales Development or Build Your Own Team?

For the agencies we deal with at Airborne, having booked meetings and a pipeline full of qualified leads is critical to their ability to function.  However, with the increasing number of companies offering outsourced sales development, businesses have an important choice to make. Is it better to build your own in-house sales development team? Or

42 open-ended questions you can ask in your prospecting emails

Questions are a powerful tool for salespeople. By asking questions, you can transform your prospecting emails from an irrelevant pitch into an engaging two-way conversation, one that actually interests your prospect.  Not all questions are equal though. If you’re not careful, the wrong question can end the conversation before it’s even started. Too often, I

Why Empathy is so Important in Sales (and How to Use It)

As the Covid-19 pandemic sent people into lockdown and closed businesses, salespeople were called out for callous, tone-deaf messaging. Some were even critical of any kind of sales outreach: “Now is not the time for selling!” The one thing everyone seemed to agree on was that we all needed to show a little more empathy.

How Do Sales Teams from High-Growth SaaS Companies Write Cold Emails?

Writing cold emails is easy. Anyone can do it. Writing cold emails that get results? Now that’s a lot more of a challenge. Sending effective cold emails—emails that get opened and drive sales—is a real skill. Judging by my inbox, it’s a skill that many are yet to master.  If cold emails are giving you

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